Biesele Amplification Systems

Pickups and Preamps for the Double Bass

Biesele DP magnetic pickup and logo To the Double Bass player:

Biesele Amplification Systems were designed specifically for the upright bass by Clark Biesele. They were developed to provide an output signal from the double bass that is richer and more easily controlled than other systems currently on the market. Those systems include piezo-electric transducers, microphones and other magnetic pickups. 

"Piezos" and microphones have a tendency to feedback in highly amplified venues. The tone of a piezo is often described as brittle and harsh while that of a close-miked instrument can be overly boomy and "boxy". The other magnetic pickups that are available on the market provide no convenient way to balance the string to string response of the output signal. None of them provide solid, secure mounting without some sort of modification to the instrument. 

The Biesele designs successfully address these difficulties in a clear, straightforward manner. Please feel free to contact me for more information. Thank you for your interest in Biesele Amplification Systems.


Clark Biesele
President, Biesele Amplification Systems
Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada