Power requirements: 9 volt battery (standard size) 
Current consumption: 1.4 mA 
Battery life: approx. 150 hours 
Output voltage: 5 volts peak to peak max. 
Output impedance: 10 k-ohms 
Input impedance: 1.5 M-ohms 
Available gain: 2X 
Signal/Noise ratio: Greater than 90 db 
Frequency response: 20 to 20 kHz 
Output jack: Standard 1/4" phone jack 
Aux. Input jack:
MT - Standard RCA phono jack
DP - Standard 1/4" phone jack 
(all necessary patch cords provided)

External controls:

Output volume and on/off switch 
Signal blend 
Coil signal phase alignment switch 
Aux. Input jack 
Output jack 

Trim controls:

Individual coil potentiometers 
Aux. Input gain adjust (Hi/Lo range switch)


Standard models (MT or DP).......$559 US
DP Coil Array (pickup) only.......$349 US
DP Mixer/Preamp only.......$349 US

Free shipping (via parcel post) anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Fedex available for additional fee.

Send inquiries to Clark Biesele at cbiesele@biesele.org